Uttarakhand- most popular tourist attraction

You know people these days always trying to believe, in the false believes of magic, fiction and thanks to our Hollywood Science fiction. Don’t you think why? Why people are running towards these unreal topics, but not towards reality. Don’t you think people are sick and tired of watching and dealing with things around them, because these watching and dealing with things are going too much day by day, due to this human eye and brain are giving up, and that may me the main reason that humans are switching fiction over reality. The hypnotising gravity of material things is so high, that we forgetting with whom are we living with? The hearse reality and the shameful answer is, we are forgetting about the real beautiful things of our mother nature.

For those, who finds heaven in the movie theaters and starts fantasizing going there on a spaceship, good news for them the heavens are inside earth. You don't have to travel so long.

Heavens in Uttarakhand (just take a peek) undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined


 Dear people they are just four, wants some more?



Still twelve more left

This is the reality people, please don't go with fiction run for reality. Our mother nature always has something to offer, we don't have to leave her, this is our home and if you want to take a tour then there is one answer DADA BOUDIR TOUR AND TRAVELS.